Tearne & Aydan - Rhododendron Gardens Engagement

Tearne & Aydan // Engagement

Autumn is my favourite season! The leaves changing colour and falling, the temperates cooling but still temperate days... I just love everything about it. Thankfully here in Wollongong theres a slow transition from Autumn to Winter, and this session was held at the end of June, and we still had some great Autumn colour! We had a lot of fun with this session. Tearne and Aydan are getting married in September, and after discussions with them, learnt that they're a couple that have fun & are super silly together - so we embraced it, because hey - we're all kids at heart!

Combining my love for Autumn, and their silliness, our leaf throwing, turned into a leaf fight. Awesome! 

I'll be capturing their unity of love at their wedding on September 9th 2017. I know we'll have as much fun then as we did at their engagement session. Can't wait!