Tahlia & Matt - Killalea Engagement


Tahlia & Matt // Engagement

I simply can not get enough of the winter sunsets the Illawarra has been so blessed to be receiving lately! Tahlia and Matt are getting married in only a few months from now, so I insisted we hold our engagement session during winter to utilise these sunsets to our full advantage. 

Engaged couples reading this - I cannot recommend a session, whether an engagement session or otherwise, with your photographer more prior to your wedding! You know their work, and likely know your photographer as a person, but being in front of the camera for a full session prior to your wedding day just adds the additional connection and familiarity - and it shows in the photos!

Now I seek real and raw connections and expressions in my sessions. Tahlia and Matt just aced this! To spark some natural laughs, I prompted Matt to say something that would make Tahlia laugh and he followed with.. "Hey remember that time my cooking gave us both food poisoning!" The reactions of hysterical laughter that followed I guarantee weren't the same on that particular occasion!

Stay tuned for their wedding in November!