beach engagement

Christine & Jeff - Wollongong Beach Engagement

Christine & Jeff - Wollongong Beach Engagement

Surprise! The cat's out of the bag for these two - they're getting married!! I captured Christine & Jeff's beach engagement session in Wollongong

Ashley & Josh - Port Kembla Beach Sunset Engagement

Ashley & Josh - Port Kembla Beach Sunset Engagement

Port Kembla beach is one of the best in the Wollongong region, and was the perfect setting for Ashley & Josh's sunset engagement session!

Amy & Jono - Port Kembla Winter Engagement

Amy & Jono - Port Kembla Winter Engagement

Winter is the perfect time to capture the love between you and your family, or significant other! This engagement session was held at Port Kembla, NSW.

Dani & Rob - Kiama Sunset Engagement

Dani  Rob - Engagement-112.jpg

Dani & Rob // Engagement

Gorgeous couple, cute puppy, golden sunset... sessions like these are what make my heart happy! I have the honour of shooting Dani & Rob's wedding in just a few months time and we headed down to beautiful Bombo, near Kiama for our engagement session. Their sweet fur baby Oakley kiiiiiinda stole the show as you can see from the images below, but I mean.. look at the little guy. He's too cute!

This was actually the second engagement session I've held with Dani & Rob, as they entered a competition to win a free engagement session I ran many moons ago now and were the winners! So our first session was all about them and the love they have for each other, and in the very near future this session will be featured on the Australian wedding blog, Polka Dot Bride so keep your eyes peeled for that one! Oakley was only still a few weeks old at the time of our last session so we waited for him to have all the necessary vaccinations and grow a little more before setting the date for this one.

Dani and Rob are just two peas in a pod. With similar personalities of both such humble, loving and caring natures I just know that they'll have a lifetime of happiness in store for them.

Can't wait for the wedding!

Amy & Kyle - Port Kembla Sunset Engagement

Amy  Kyle - Engagement-51.jpg

Amy & Kyle - Engagement

There's just something so magical about watching the sun head behind the horizon to sign off for another day. Almost as magical as finding that someone who your heart just knows will be your forever.

Amy & Kyle are so well suited for each other! From our first meeting over coffee to discuss their upcoming wedding plans I could see the very strong and solid connection these two share.

With their August 2018 wedding fast approaching, we headed down to one of the Illawarra's best beaches for their sunset engagement session a few weeks ago. This week put out some of the best sunsets that we'd yet to have seen for Autumn and the day of our session the sky did not disappoint! Our session was full of fun and laughs, reflecting these qualities of their personalities and showing the bond that their hearts share.

Looking forward to their wedding at the end of August!

Rebecca & Michael - Wollongong Sunrise Engagement

R&M - Engagement  -48.jpg

Rebecca & Michael // Engaged

This year's been a year of love and excitement for the Leet family! A family of 3 children, one recently married, and 2 engaged to their partners, both in March 2017 just weeks apart. How crazy is that?! Rebecca's brother Josh, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with him and his fiance a few months ago capturing their engagement session at Killalea State Park. 

For Rebecca & Michael's session, we decided upon a sunrise at the beach. Here on the East Coast of Australia, we're lucky to have the sun rise over the ocean, and with some of the best beaches in the world - they're a perfect location! 

We had had a stint of rain the day prior but thankfully the Bureau of Meterology gave the green light for clear skies. There was still a bank of cloud buildup on the horizon when we met on location, but the colour that emerged soon after was phenomenal! Definitely worth the early morning alarm on a Sunday morning!

Rebecca and Michael will be married locally next year.

Lauren & Jack - Gerringong Engagement

L&J - Engagement-24.jpg

Lauren & Jack // Engaged

On their overseas holiday earlier this year, Jack popped the question. They were travelling through Europe, and in London on their anniversary they became engaged. What a place to pop the question right?!

We held our engagement session in the beautiful coastal town of Gerringong. The golden light of the sunset was superb, due to the back-burning for fire hazard reduction going on in the surrounding suburbs. 

The connection between Lauren and Jack and their obvious adoration for each other, just radiated through our session. They are looking to tie the knot in 2019.

Tahlia & Matt - Killalea Engagement


Tahlia & Matt // Engagement

I simply can not get enough of the winter sunsets the Illawarra has been so blessed to be receiving lately! Tahlia and Matt are getting married in only a few months from now, so I insisted we hold our engagement session during winter to utilise these sunsets to our full advantage. 

Engaged couples reading this - I cannot recommend a session, whether an engagement session or otherwise, with your photographer more prior to your wedding! You know their work, and likely know your photographer as a person, but being in front of the camera for a full session prior to your wedding day just adds the additional connection and familiarity - and it shows in the photos!

Now I seek real and raw connections and expressions in my sessions. Tahlia and Matt just aced this! To spark some natural laughs, I prompted Matt to say something that would make Tahlia laugh and he followed with.. "Hey remember that time my cooking gave us both food poisoning!" The reactions of hysterical laughter that followed I guarantee weren't the same on that particular occasion!

Stay tuned for their wedding in November!

Reagan & Josh - Killalea Engagement


Reagan & Josh // Engagement

From the get go I knew these two were simply two peas in a pod.
This session was all brought about by Josh's sister contacting me, ordering two vouchers for her recently engaged siblings. How crazy is that?! Josh's sister is recently married herself, and both her siblings are engaged. What a great time, full of love in their family!

They had their hearts set on Killalea to hold their session, and what a location it is! Sunsets for me create the warm ambiance that can add depth and emotion to sessions, and for loved-up couples, it just suits perfectly.

Being the middle of winter, the beach isn't the key location those jump to go to, so the crowds weren't around, and we were able to capture the essence of the love between Josh and Reagan without the onlookers. I've really been urging my couples who are contemplating an engagement session to hold them throughout winter - there's just something about that light! It's cooler, so those cuddly moments are free of sticky uncomfortable heat. The rain has been minimal, and there's veeerry few of those pesky flies to keep swatting away - this time of the year is perfect! 

 The sunset for our session was incredible! Such gorgeous light peered over the cliff as it began to set. Once the sun disappeared, we were convinced the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees instantly, and we finished up with the stunning pink hues over the horizon.

Sarah-Jane & Willis - Wollongong Engagement


Sarah-Jane & Willis // Engagement

This session was an engagement gift from their friend. Sarah-Jane & Willis are both good friends of mine, so I was super excited to capture the essence of their love following their recent engagement! They decided prior to their session that these images would be used for their 'Save the Date' cards for their wedding - which is a great idea! The images from engagement sessions are commonly used either for save the dates, or on display at your engagement party. These sessions are a great way to get a feel for what to expect on your wedding day portraiture session.