Samantha & Steve - Altitude 1148 Wedding


Samantha & Steve // Married

April fools! Samantha & Steve were married at Altitude 1148, on the Illawarra Escarpment on 1st April 2017. Okay, so not an April fools joke at all, but what a date! Such a picturesque venue to say your vows, overlooking the city of Wollongong. 
Now I love weddings that have a "different" element to them. I say this to all my couples - it can be as little as a detail done differently, but I strive to find the different. Samantha chose her Mum as her Maid of Honour. Such a beautiful testament to their very close relationship, and definitely something different!
Both their children stole the show, with their son Harrison being a bit older than his sister, being their junior groomsman, ring bearer and fabulous bubble waver for the recession.