Reanna & Emma - Wollongong Wedding

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Reanna & Emma // Married

Their story all began on a blogging site. The wondrous world of the internet! They spoke for approximately a year, and then Reanna took the plunge and flew to Bundaberg, Queensland to meet Emma. This was 4 years ago and since this time, they've been almost inseparable, and they were engaged for 2 years prior to committing to one another.

I was honoured when I got the email from Reanna enquiring for me to capture their special day. I actually went to primary school with Reanna, so I've known her for quite some time. I met Emma at their engagement session, and it was like I'd known her for all the years I'd known Reanna - perfect!

In their wedding planning these two became DIY queens! All bouquets and button-hole flowers were made by the couple, styled to their pleasing. Their reception centrepieces, as well as their welcome sign were also DIY, including a large easel for the sign and a smaller for their favours that Emma made from scratch using some scrap timber. Talk about talented!

Showers were forecast for their day, but they must've perfected their anti-rain dance, as it held off, and the skies cleared later that afternoon for a beautiful sunset. Their bridal party was dominated by siblings, both of Emma and Reanna, but also including Emma's best friend. We had a lot of fun with this, as you can see from the group photos.. well at one stage Emma's brother almost stripped completely down!

When asked what marriage means to them, Reanna and Emma responded with:
"Marriage to us is simply us. We initially wanted to wait until Australia legalised marriage for same sex couples however we realised that although the legality is important, to us marriage meant being together, supporting each other and committing ourselves to one another for the rest of our lives and we felt we didn’t need a piece of paper or lack there of to stop us from celebrating. We wanted to celebrate our relationship and love with the people that meant to most to us and that’s exactly what we did. Marriage for us simply means celebrating our love for one another."

Vendor list -

Celebrant - Robert Kerr (Family Friend)

Ceremony - Pioneer Park Wollongong - Rose Gardens

Reception: Ron De Vu Wollongong

Photography: Translucent Photography


- Bridesmaids -

- Emma - Asos (

- Reanna - Online for jumpsuit - Dressmaker for handmade skirt

Hair: Amarnie Hair (

Make Up: Make Up by Danica Dakers (

Florals: Flowers purchased from markets and put together by Reanna & Bridal Party

Cake: Forget Me Not Cakes (

Theming/Decorations: Self made and decided

Music: Michol Salilig (Friend)