Maddi & Dave - Gladstonbury Gardens Wedding


Maddi & Dave // Married

Maddi and I hit it off straight away from our first meeting at a local coffee shop in Wollongong. Usually my client meetings last approximately 30-60 minutes... well, 3 hours later we were still there! Turns out we have a lot in common, and she's just a great, down-to-earth person to talk to!

We met again prior to their wedding and this time I had the pleasure of meeting Dave also. Their connection is radiant and they were suited as a married couple, months before their wedding date! But from this meeting I learned they had one big mutual love, and this was for cars.

Dave and Maddi spent months doing up their Chrysler for their wedding day. A team effort, and there she was, complete and ready to go 2 weeks before the wedding. This was not the only sentimental part of their day. Their celebrant also married Maddi's parents, and they signed their registry using the pen her mother used on her wedding day also. 

Their reception was held at Sublime Point, and the moon was full, casting gorgeous reflections over the water. They had an around the world theme for their table settings, and their wedding cake entirely reflected them as a couple - a 4x4 truck, & a loved up couple.