Ingrid & Adam - Thirroul Beach Wedding


Ingrid & Adam // Married

For Adam & Ingrid's wedding, we were constantly checking the BOM (Bureau of Meterology)  radar as there was a 90% chance of rain forecast. 
The ceremony was moved indoors as the day prior was steady soaking rain, and with the high possibility of further showers, it avoided possibly being rained out or guests standing on soggy grounds. 

Adam and Ingrid's portraiture session was a mix of serious and fun. The ratio of fun to serious was definitely more on the fun side of the scale! Such a great couple with a fun bridal party made for some great photos and lots of laughs!

And yet, the skies didn't open until 9pm that night, and moody skies and the moments mentioned above just added to what was such a wonderful day with this beautiful couple.