Alice & Matt - Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer


Alice & Matt // Married

This wedding was special. All weddings are, don't get me wrong. But this wedding, was the most emotionally intense I've had the honour of witnessing.

Alice contacted me only at the start of last month. They initially had their wedding planned for later this year, but brought their day forward as her Father became incredibly ill. It isn't an easy task planning a wedding, let alone planning one in only a number of weeks - but they managed!
The whole planning process has been around her Dad. A later ceremony so he won't be tired during the reception. More focus on family moments than anything else so that they'll have treasured moments together, forever. Such a selfless couple, with their wedding plans more a testament to her Dad rather than the focus on the union of their marriage.

However, these plans did not work entirely to plan. Alice's Dad went into ICU. He is still in hospital, but unfortunately wasn't able to attend their wedding. Alice's brother took over the honour of walking her down the aisle, and later at the reception, dancing with her to the song she had chosen for her father-daughter dance. Undeniably, this was the most emotional moment of any wedding I have captured to date. The love that Alice has for her father is radiant. But his wish was for the wedding today to still go on, even though he was too ill to attend, and indeed it did.

There were tears of both sadness and joy, moments of joy and togetherness and plenty of laughs. In the small time I spent with Alice & Matt and their close family this afternoon, we had it all.

Given everything thats been going on behind the scenes, the day ran perfectly. I know if I were in the same situation, I wouldn't have held it together as well as Alice did today - her strength is truly inspiring, accompanied by the love and support of her loving husband Matt and their children.

From the bottom of my heart, my wishes go out to your father Alice, wishing him all the best on his road to recovery.