Tahlia & Michael - Wollongong Sunset Maternity

Tahlia & Michael - Wollongong Sunset Maternity

Sunset in Wollongong by the beach - a perfect combo! Tahlia & Michael's maternity session for baby no. 2 was held earlier this week!

The Ogden Family - Wollongong Family Session

The Ogden Family - Wollongong Family Session

A few months ago I ran a little giveaway to win a family session - and The Ogden Fam was our winners! We held their session last weekend in Wollongong

Kat & David - Southern Highlands Maternity

Kat & David - Southern Highlands Maternity

This star-wars inspired maternity session, full of candid moments and love was held in the beautiful Southern Highlands, in NSW Australia.

Amy & Jono - Port Kembla Winter Engagement

Amy & Jono - Port Kembla Winter Engagement

Winter is the perfect time to capture the love between you and your family, or significant other! This engagement session was held at Port Kembla, NSW.

USA June 2018 - Manhattan & Brooklyn NYC, Washington D.C. & San Francisco California Travel Photo Blog

USA 2018 - New York-260.jpg

First Stop - New York City

Thought I would change things up a little and post a photo blog of images from the last 3 weeks spent travelling through America with my husband. This was our first overseas trip together, and was also our year-delayed honeymoon. Our first of our three destinations within the U.S. was New York City, followed by Washington D.C. and finishing up on the West Coast in San Francisco, California.

So our first destination was NYC. After near 19 hours of flying, 2.5 hours in layovers and approximately 5 hours in transport/waiting time we finally made it to our hotel on 39th St, Manhattan which would be our home for the next 11 nights. You've probably all heard the phrase when describing New York as "The city that never sleeps" - my gosh is this accurate! Countless 24hr businesses, the constant noise of city traffic and sirens, people rushing off between places at all hours of the day... there really is never down time in the heart of Manhattan, or at least being as close to Times Square as we were anyway!

Over the next 11 days spent in NYC we explored quite a fare chunk of Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Times Square, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, The Met, 5th Ave, Grand Central Station, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre), Madison Square Park, Flatiron District, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Wall St, Ground Zero Memorials & The 9/11 Museum, Various famous movie/tv on-site film locations (Including Sex & The City, Gossip Girl, I Am Legend, Seinfeld, Friends, Big Daddy, Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman, Ghostbusters, and many more), Intrepid Air & Space Museum, Ripley's Believe it or Not, National Geographic Odyssey Ocean Encounter, Central Park Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO, Williamsburgh, Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwich, West Village - these were just some of the many things we did & areas we explored! For a relatively small island, Manhattan really is a concrete jungle (well said Alicia Keys!) just full of things to see and do!

Photographic representation of our NYC adventures:

Next stop, Washington D.C.

The best parts about our time in New York and Washington D.C. was the weather! Nearing Summer, and though we had many overcast and somewhat cooler days, the temperatures were still significantly warmer than the Winter we'd left behind back home. We had some days of 30ish degrees, and then come down in the low 20s - so very typical Summer weather for back home and given the 10-20kms we were walking each day these temperatures were actually pretty bearable!

We caught the train from New York to Washington D.C., going through New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware before arriving at Union Station in D.C. Being by rail there was only so much we could see of the states and cities we travelled through, but just the significant change in landscape of even Philadelphia and Baltimore was evident in contrast to the hustle and bustle of New York that we'd become so used to. Wider, less populated streets, a lot more urban landscape, agriculture and farmlands - and so much green! The landscape was just so lush and vibrant!

In D.C. we stayed in Dupont Circle, which is just a short metro trip away from Downtown where the heart of D.C. is situated. We enjoyed this change of pace after spending the last 11 nights in New York, as though we were in an area surrounded by nation's embassies, it was so quiet compared to what we'd just been used to!

Though only here for 2 nights, we managed to check out everything we wanted to, including the White House, International Spy Museum, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Jnr Memorial, Franklin Roosevelt Memorial, Capitol Building, National Mall, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum & The Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. We certainly made use of our short time in D.C.!

Photographic representation of our Washington D.C. adventures:

Last stop, San Francisco, California

Well it was goodbye to the beautiful summer weather of the Eastern coast and over to the much more temperate West Coast! And weren't we hit with it when we exited the airport! With temperatures in the mid-high teens we were expecting weather similar to back home at this time of year, but the wind chill felt like a constant icy southerly and we weren't expecting that! We stayed in Union Square, in the heart of downtown San Francisco and we were quite central to transport, shops and eateries.

San Francisco is such a beautiful city! The thing I was looking forward to most for this trip was booked back in March, and was our night tour tickets for Alcatraz. Oh. My. Gosh. For anyone travelling to San Francisco this is a must! I've had an interest in the history of the prison for years, and going there just heightened this interest! Sunset wasn't until around 8.30pm so when we arrived on the island just after 6pm it was still quite light - so this time to head over is perfect as you have the experience of the day, then the sunset following on to night as the sun drops behind the oceanic horizon. With Alcatraz only being 1.25 miles (approx 2km) offshore, the cruise over is only brief and the island has amazing views of San Francisco city. From hearing about escape attempts & stories from past inmates and correctional officers, seeing the cells and learning about what life on The Rock was like, to the big highlight after dark where we witnessed and heard the eerie iconic sounds of the cell doors being opened and closed. The experience was unreal!

In our 4 final days of our time in San Francisco apart from Alcatraz, we also checked out Fisherman's Wharf in it's entirety including seeing the fur seals at Pier 39 frolicking and playing, headed out to the Californian Academy of Science, walked around the headland over to the Fort Mason Centre, travelled via Cable Car, saw the views from Battery Spencer in Sausalito and walked along the Golden Gate Bridge and ventured down the famous crooked section of Lombard St.

This was the end of our USA journey, and we've come home with memories and experiences we'll cherish forever. New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco are all so different and it was great to visit these places and tick them off the travel bucket list! As to where to next? Who knows!

Autumn-Inspired Blue Mountains Styled Bridal

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Dani & Rob - Kiama Sunset Engagement

Dani  Rob - Engagement-112.jpg

Dani & Rob // Engagement

Gorgeous couple, cute puppy, golden sunset... sessions like these are what make my heart happy! I have the honour of shooting Dani & Rob's wedding in just a few months time and we headed down to beautiful Bombo, near Kiama for our engagement session. Their sweet fur baby Oakley kiiiiiinda stole the show as you can see from the images below, but I mean.. look at the little guy. He's too cute!

This was actually the second engagement session I've held with Dani & Rob, as they entered a competition to win a free engagement session I ran many moons ago now and were the winners! So our first session was all about them and the love they have for each other, and in the very near future this session will be featured on the Australian wedding blog, Polka Dot Bride so keep your eyes peeled for that one! Oakley was only still a few weeks old at the time of our last session so we waited for him to have all the necessary vaccinations and grow a little more before setting the date for this one.

Dani and Rob are just two peas in a pod. With similar personalities of both such humble, loving and caring natures I just know that they'll have a lifetime of happiness in store for them.

Can't wait for the wedding!

Sharri & Steve - Beverley Park Golf Club, Sydney Wedding

Mr & Mrs Edmonds-701.jpg

Sharri & Steve // Married

Seems like my calendar has a weird way of putting things together. April and September 2018 both are my months of just Sydney weddings, and the wedding here of the new Mr and Mrs Edmonds saw Translucent Photography visiting Rockdale, for prep and back to Kogarah for their wedding ceremony and reception both held at Beverley Park Golf Club. I do love to travel, and stepping out of my local soil of the beautiful Illawarra is a great change of pace for me, and exciting to explore and photograph at new venues and environments around our nation!

Well, Sharri and Steve to make it here on their wedding day was almost 10 years in the making. Wow, right! They met nine and a half years ago, meeting through a mutual friend at Cronulla Beach. The proposal happened on the evening of their eight year anniversary, after dining at a local restaurant. Steve, nervous as anything proposed in the car before they left for dessert. 

They chose a bridal party of 14 for their big day, mainly filled with family. Steve is one of 8 kids so I new there'd be a strong sense of family at their wedding. Also too, Steve's Mum passed away 6 years ago last month (just a fortnight after their wedding). Sharri and Steve chose to exchange gifts the morning of - Steve gifting Sharri with a beautiful Armani watch, and Sharri adding a personalised touch to her gift and gave Steve personalised cufflinks with the left being an image of his Mum, the right being "Forever in my Heart". Both gifts were given to the bride and groom by the Best Man/Maid of Honour respectively, and both of these roles were filled by siblings. As you can see from the images below, those cufflinks held such an emotional resonance with Steve and his brother Dan, but also everyone there witnessing this very special moment. Sharri had also arranged for a beautiful framed image to be placed on their "Sweethearts" table at the reception, placed on Steve's side. This was a beautiful sentiment to her memory, and within the guests hearts her presence was definitely felt throughout the day.

I had a lot of fun with this bridal party and the wedding guests, with many travelling over from Steve's home country of New Zealand to be in attendance. There was even a surprise Haka between speeches which also added that real sense of culture into the night. The reception was styled to fit their very purple theme (Sharri's favourite colour!), with a lot of effort from not only Sharri and Steve but her parents also who together DIY'd a significant proportion of decorations for their wedding. 

Sharri, Steve - I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness, and thankyou for inviting me along to celebrate and capture your day as you became husband and wife!

Vendor List:

Ceremony & Reception: Beverley Park Golf Club, Kogarah

Bouquets, Arbour & Reception Styling: DIY

Hair: Plats Hair Design

Makeup: Makeup by Xtina

Bridesmaid Dresses: Ginger and Orange

Suits: YD

Chris, Maddy & Hunter - Wollongong Family Session

Chris Maddy  Hunter MINI -169.jpg

Chris, Maddy & Hunter

With eyes that tell a thousand stories, and umpteen in-between moments, this session is one of my favourites from recent. This may also have a large thing to do with this family being three of my favourite people, and the cutest family unit ever.

Hunter is the son of one of my oldest friends, Chris & his gorgeous partner Maddy. He's almost one, and we headed down to the local gardens at sunset for their first family session. This little guy (Hunter that is!) is seriously such a good boy, with killer smiles, a cheeky laugh and curls that go for days. 

Throughout this series you'll see the close bond within this family, the love, the laughter, the cuddles... and one of Hunter's favourite toys which makes one heck of a lot of noise! These are important in family sessions, particularly with younger kids that aren't yet comprehensive to the spoken word and cheeky bribes - bring along their favourite toy or something to spark their interest (on the spot, keys usually are a hit!) to get their attention and spark those token giggles!

The Dockrill Family - Port Kembla Sunset Beach Family Session

Dockrill Family-113.jpg

The Dockrill Family

This session brought me so much joy! A family full of love and laughter, with a "whatever goes" attitude are seriously the dream. The Dockrills travelled down to the Illawarra from Western Sydney for our family session, and their gorgeous Border Collie named Reggie came along for the ride.

Our first scheduled session we had to postpone due to inclement weather. I'd promised this location with stunning sunset colour, and well, when it's raining and overcast this is far from achievable. Thankfully we did reschedule because check out that punchy sunset colour! The light over our location was exactly what I had invisioned for our session and I could not have been happier! 

I got to know this family through Mum, Elise who is a super talented photographer herself! Elise is the face behind Floragraphica, and specialises in bespoke imagery of wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. Brides, this is a PERFECT way to preserve your wedding bouquet following your wedding. Elise photographs the intricate details of your wedding florals, creating statement art pieces for your walls, and immortalizing your wedding florals well before they wilt for you to keep forever! I could seriously plug Elise's work all day, she's undeniably amazing at what she does!

And here is her clan! Her two beautiful children, husband and fur-baby Reggie; enjoying some sunset fun in the waves of one of Wollongong's best beaches.

Amy & Kyle - Port Kembla Sunset Engagement

Amy  Kyle - Engagement-51.jpg

Amy & Kyle - Engagement

There's just something so magical about watching the sun head behind the horizon to sign off for another day. Almost as magical as finding that someone who your heart just knows will be your forever.

Amy & Kyle are so well suited for each other! From our first meeting over coffee to discuss their upcoming wedding plans I could see the very strong and solid connection these two share.

With their August 2018 wedding fast approaching, we headed down to one of the Illawarra's best beaches for their sunset engagement session a few weeks ago. This week put out some of the best sunsets that we'd yet to have seen for Autumn and the day of our session the sky did not disappoint! Our session was full of fun and laughs, reflecting these qualities of their personalities and showing the bond that their hearts share.

Looking forward to their wedding at the end of August!