I'm Lucy, the one behind the camera at TransLUCEnt Photography.


In the Beginning...






My passion for photography began as a child through Kodak disposable cameras on family holidays.

My life growing up was different to most others my age, mainly spent experiencing the world first hand rather than from within a classroom.

Throughout our travels I captured everything from our family memories to the phenomenal landscapes we ventured to, bringing back my visual memories to share with my cohort and extended family. 

It is this sense of adventure and the desire to explore that have both stuck with me, fueling my passion & setting the perfect precursor to my career as a photographer.

Present Day...

I'm married to my handsome husband Dean & a mum to two baby eastern-longneck turtles, Markle and Stark. I love a cup (or pot) of tea, Iron Man (and really anything Marvel), warm fluffy blankets and gorgeous sun-drenched sunsets. I love to travel and explore new places, whether boarding an international flight, or getting in the car and just going somewhere I haven't yet been.


It's so humbling to be invited into the lives of others to document the most important days of their life, or a special moment in time.
I've been asked so often what I love to capture the most, and the answer for me is simple - it's love & joy. The love and blissful moments of newlyweds on their wedding day, the love and laughter amongst a family spending a moment together just being themselves, the love-filled hearts of new parents and their baby. Being able to capture these emotions across an array of different sessions keeps the fire for my passion alive.

My Approach...


I have an easy going, fun and natural approach to my sessions, where I make you feel as comfortable as possible. The walls of awkwardness come down the minute our session begins, regardless of whether it be a wedding, family or parents expecting a new arrival. With all my sessions I aspire to make you feel comfortable and capture the raw emotion, the seemingly little moments & the real connections.

I love nothing more than travelling to sessions, arriving as the photographer and leaving as a friend. Being able to capture your personalities, the laughter, love and having a ball of fun doing it, all whilst producing images you'll have to cherish for a lifetime - and all you have to do is be you! I'll handle the rest.

So, let's chase that golden light, those stunning views, capturing the wind in your hair and the love in your hearts.

Relaxed, Raw & Real.

Let's start your story and continue with the chapters that follow - embracing the now moments, eternally.

Getting in Touch

I hope by reading this you've got to know me a little better.
Now it's your turn! 
Let's meet, chat about your vision & make some magic!